Client //


Brief //

Launch an Eco brand that truly makes a difference.

Roles //

Creative Direction / Art direction/ Design / Illustration /Product development

The Solution //

A surfer since the age of 8, I have a deep connection to nature, this is my passion project.


Environmentally conscious companies don’t just sell products, they promote a mission, they need a purpose, a reason for existing beyond making money - a company that benefits their customers and simultaneously improves our environment is what I set out to do. I'm creating a brand ensuring a responsible, sustainable ethos permeates every aspect from branding to social stories that have a message of hope to products that help the environment.


In order to generate excitement, make a difference and launch a brand with a tiny budget - a startup needs big ideas that cut through across digital, social, product development and packaging that #doesnoharm and promotes a circular economy. 

Outcomes //

+ The eCommerce website was successfully launched with significant sales


+ Ecotribo has received EU & Arts Council funding to develop its eco-friendly product range.


+ The branding and corporate guidelines have been successfully implemented throughout the organisation and marketing launch.


+ Social media channels have seen consistent growth since launch.


+ Design & development of a full e-Commerce website 

+ Branding & logo development that works across product, digital and print

+ Social activation

We launched the brand by partnering up with local neighbourhood associations and a national gardening centre who supplied the free flowers. Upcycled flower boxes were made working with members of the community using pallets and given out to the community to create bee highways within neighbourhoods. 

+ Product development

Sustainable product development ideas that provide solutions to our environmental challenges. From new biomaterial designs and material exploration to new concepts on how we can reduce plastic. Plastic packaging is the scourage of our environment. Existing liquid soap packaging contains 80% water. What happens if we remove the water and get people to mix it at home?

+ Product development & Social Stories

I designed the chair and created a short film story around the "circular economy" and the need to recycle plastic waste as a means to help improve the environment. The social film has received amazing feedback on social channels such as Instagram where influencers have shared the design and story on their channels creating further awareness. Find out more at

+ A range of designs and products 

Developing a range of eco-goodies trying to tell a story, help the environment and build the brand.

Everything that is made is eco-friendly, sustainable and encompasses circular economy principals.

+ Social media content development and management

The Ecotribo brand continues to grow as the brand develops its product range, content and awareness.



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