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I help small start-ups, marketing teams, individuals or agencies with big ideas and digital design to launch or grow their business.
+ Helping startups, lone marketers & Ad agencies
+ Integrated 360° Creative & Design thinking
+ Conceptual Go-to-guy
+ International Award winning Creative 
+ "Creative firestarter through-the-line"
+ Card carrying technology geek. R2D2 to AI
+ Stimulating and nurturing creative leadership
+ Pixel perfect design wizard
+ Inspired Campaign management
+ Sprint Design Workshops for Business
I am an Art Director and Multimedia Designer seamlessly integrating big ideas through the line with over 18 years of international award-winning experience. I can help you with concepts, pixel-perfect design, art direction, product development and film production. I can work from my studio or on-site with you and your team to help you deliver award-winning creative & business ideas.

My method is a skilled and enthusiastic fusion of creative vision and collaboration with consistent results and exceptional outcomes for clients and agencies. 

I've won awards for integrated digital & print campaigns in the UK, Europe, US and Africa producing a thorough understanding of international markets and how to speak to global consumers.

Award-winning Concepts 


Adobe Creative Suite

 - Illustrator

 - InDesign

-  Adobe XD

-  Sketch

 - Photoshop

 - After Effects

 - Premier Pro


Web Development

 - Wordpress


App Development

 - Front end UX

 - Project Management

 - Development


Social Media

 - Production

 - Management

 - Concepts

 - Design

 - Content production


Film Production

 - Concept

 - Directing

 - Production

 - Storyboarding

 - Art dept

Product Development

- 3D Model making


- 3D printing

- Laser cutting

- CNC Milling





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