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Client //

Aptaclub & Aptawelt

Roles //

Art direction / Design 

The Brief //

Educate mums on the benefits of caring for mind and body during pregnancy and increase participation levels across the UK.

The Solution //

A range of creative assets was conceived, art directed, designed and produced whilst I worked within the agency over an extended contract. Working across the German and UK Aptamil clubs - fitness programs were developed with pregnancy experts and scientists to prove that exercise was good for mums and babies too. We worked with experts to develop a range of pregnancy yoga videos, social assets and whitepapers with scientists. We got the attention of the press with loads of additional free editorial. It's not often you get a brief about love and the opportunity to work with such lovely clients, so it was a very enjoyable contract overall.

Results //

+ The press and public picked up on the story with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of free publicity.

+ Aptamil brand has helped deliver a 50% category share in a highly regulated market.


+ We started a movement

+ Campaign 

After three months ‘Active for 2’ has delivered 600,000 views on YouTube. It was great to be part of the team working as the Senior art director on the wide variety of creative assets required. 

+ Aptawelt Social film

Launched around Valentines - A film to create debate & discussion on social channels about the long term effects of parental love and emotional stability and how it affects your child.


+ Aptawelt Website

An integrated campaign of assets was produced for the website and social media to help mothers in the early stages of pregnancy and up to early childhood. The aim was to gently help mothers with informative content to ensure the brand felt helpful and useful to mothers and be the first port of call when it came to which brand to choose.


+ Social Content

We created a social strategy to take the client through the year. Literally, hundreds of posts to help the client and internal teams have content and posts covering everything from nutrition to health and well being

Intergrating and launching Jake Dysons innovative new lights


A B2B and B2C

launch campaign


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