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Client //

Toshiba UK - Blu-ray & DVD Player

Roles //

Creative Direction / Art direction

The Brief //

To create a visual concept to represent the excitement and extreme realism of Bluray. The key campaign visual idea would need to be used across various pieces of collateral by the Toshiba EMEA marketing teams hence the need for an idea that worked across language barriers and that could be easily translated.

The Solution //

I conceived a set of visuals that could work together as an extended campaign. The client went with the "Robot" execution as their favourite and ended up using this concept across 12 different countries in Europe and the Middle East. The idea worked well in any language, the visual and the branding did the job. The mix of photography and CGI lent things a realist but dramatic effect with loads of excitement to represent the feel of Bluray in your home. The execution was then delivered in a range of media including POS, experiential, digital banners, print and outdoor. 


Results //

+ We supplied EMEA with a variety of marcoms materials including a range of brochures, eDMs, POS, large-scale press ads, banners and a campaign website. A library of marketing tools, tactical tools, graphical elements and illustrations also allowed the participating countries to tailor communications. 


+ A unique world showcased how Toshiba innovations maximise the user’s experience


+ Both client and the press have been buzzing about the campaign since its launch.


+ We delighted our clients at Toshiba Europe in Germany, as well as all countries in the EMEA region.


+ The campaign went onto win an award at Londons Blade awards.

+ Print 


+ Outdoor Experiential

Motion sensors triggered smoke machines embedded into the bus shelter gave passersby an experience they could not help sharing!


+ Online & Digital Banners 


An B2B & B2C

launch campaign


Creating a sustainable business & brand

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