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Client //

Immersive Labs

Roles //

Creative Direction / Digital Design /UI & UX

The Brief //

To clarify our unique brand positioning, intergrate the product UX look and feel across the site, increase existing usage and drive demos of the product

The Solution //

Intergrating a bold, unique look and feel across the entire site and product UX. Developing a visual language and consistent design language which could be utilised across the product, social media, films and the marketing site UI and UX.

Results //

+ The Startup recieved $75 million Series C funding

+ We consistently increased revenue from $20 million to $23.5 million within the 2021

+ The average number of products per customer increased for 5% monthly over the 6 months.


+ Digital design & Art direction

The brand style is in development, we are creating a visual asset/s that can convey the many facets of the business across marketing, product and brand. Across the product UX/UI, video and social. The cube device pulses moves and responds to every emerging threat. Developed from the branding the shape can be utilised across the company.


+ Digital advertising and marketing 

Developing a typographic and design language to be utilised in the entire customer journey through the sales funnel. It was essential to get a strong look and feel and ensure the design assets worked across multiple touchpoints. The brand assets were developed so multiple stake-holder can implement the brand across the business and regions.

+ UX & UI digital design across the marketing site

+ Video content & Social Assets

A range of social assets was shot filmed and designed to help start conversations on social and in PR editorial driving people to find out more and ensure our status as a thought leaders in cyber security

Launching a new mobile messaging app


Helping an agency create

a pregnancy movement


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