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To create a sports gaming application &
brand across multiple sports, worldwide.

Client //

GreenFields Sports Solutions Ltd

Roles //

Creative Direction / Digital Design /UI & UX

The Brief //

To relaunch a classic sports game for a new digital generation. Create a unique brand positioning, design aesthetic, develop the product UX and integrate it across the brand and marketing. 

The Solution //

A retro yet modern design aesthetic that could integrate across multiple products, sports, and countries worldwide was developed. Art direction and design were developed for the new and exciting web application, integrated across the app itself, marketing, and social. We launched for the world cup to test the market and gain UX insights to develop the gameplay and unique marketing story.

Results //

+ The Startup successfully launched the game in time for the world cup 2022

+ A new brand and contemporary voice for Spot the Ball was developed

+ We created an MVP that players loved to play (World Cup Edition)

+ A core user base to support product development and launch

+ Established sports & media partners ready to back market roll-out in several territories.

+ UX & UI digital design across the product & business

The web app required multiple iterations of user journeys and UX research and testing, constantly iterating and liaising with the management and dev/engineering teams to ensure the user experience, design aesthetic and business objectives were met and delivered upon. 


As design UX lead, I collaborated with stakeholders and managed a small design team to understand project goals, requirements, and user needs. Conduct user research and analysis to inform design decisions. Create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs that align with project objectives. Design intuitive user interfaces and interactions for data visualization and discovery platforms. Collaborate with developers to ensure seamless implementation of designs. Conduct usability testing and iterate on designs based on user feedback. 


+ Digital design & Art direction

Developing a typographic and design language to be utilised in the entire customer journey from the web app all the way through to the multi-sport multi-region website, videos and marketing.

+ Digital advertising and film development

Developing a typographic and design language to be utilised in the entire customer journey through the sales funnel. It was essential to get a strong look and feel and ensure the design assets worked across multiple touchpoints. The brand assets were developed so multiple stake-holder can implement the brand across the business and regions in a multitude for formats and media types


+ Social Assets

A range of social assets and sharing mechanisms were developed in-app and for social media to help start conversations and get the game into the public domain. We even had the legend Sir Geoff Hurst tweeting about the World Cup edition!

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