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Client //

Jake Dyson

Roles //

Art direction / Digital Design UX /UI 

The Brief //

To launch the new Jake Dyson Lighting range, integrate his product range within the Dyson brand and ultimately drive sales.

The Solution //

Jake Dyson and his team joined Dyson to continue advancing the core lighting technology they have developed over the past ten years.  We aimed to highlight the core benefits of his lights over others. Other LEDs can last for up to 30,000 hours, but Jake developed one that lasts a lifetime. With such a unique benefit we took the idea of "Enlightened thinking"  and created a range of assets in film, digital and social that explained how revolutionary the lights were in a dramatic way whilst still adhering to Dysons strict brand guidelines.

Results //

+ The press and public picked up on the story with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of free publicity.

+ Millions of views across Dysons social channels


+ The new lighting division was successfully launched and integrated into the broader Dyson brand.



+ Social Film

'Enlightened thinking' - A film was created to dramatically demonstrate why Dyson's light was so unique.

The film was used on social and on the main Dyson lighting website.


+ Social Assets

A range of social assets was shot filmed and designed to help start conversations on social and in PR editorial driving people to find out more on the Dyson website.


+ Multi-language responsive ecommerce website

Liaising directly with the digital development team, account directors and client to ensure the assets all worked seamlessly within the corporate guidelines, across multiple devices and countries. The art direction look and feel had to work seamlessly across multiple devices and media.


Working with the marketing and development team I was responsible for the creative, UX and UI design for the eCommerce website. I designed the pages in multiple development platforms for the global roll-out.


eCommerce UX/UI design to ensure a seamless product journey and purchase

Launching a new mobile messaging app


Helping an agency create

a pregnancy movement


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