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Client //

Weavy World 

Roles //

Creative Direction / Art direction/ Digital Design UX/UI

The Brief //

Weavyworld™ - a new messaging and greeting app for the consumer lifestyle market. Positioned as a disruptive play within the $30 billion global greetings card market, the mobile app allows users to search, browse and send premium content from hundreds of artists and designers.


I was approached by Movement consulting and 1616 media to develop the branding, art direction, UI and marketing collateral for an exciting new mobile app to help secure first-round funding and ultimately working with the team supply the design, art direction, corporate product identity and marketing ideas to help get the product into the Apps stores and out to market.



The Solution //

Working closely with the business owner and strategy director we developed a clean, modern and sophisticated brand identity to be used on the app as well as online, print, film and digital advertising. A bespoke font was created for the logo mark to ensure a unique and trademarkable identity. I was then tasked with developing the brand look and feel through every touch point of the mobile user experience as well as digital, offline advertising and branding executions.

Results //

+ Weavy world App successfully received first-round funding by a number of early investors including Snapchat


+ Weavyworld is now available for download in the United Kingdom Apple App Store and Google Play .


+ The branding and corporate guidelines have been successfully implemented throughout the product,  organisation and marketing launch


+ 64% of the active base is sending the annualized equivalent of 36 Weavys per year, at least 4x the original projections


+ Signed up three more major studios and a number of independent artists


+  My clients were delighted. So much so they offered me shares in the start-up.

+ Branding and Art direction across the marketing mix

Working directly with the consultant marketing manager and CEO/founder of the product, the branding was developed to work across every touch point of communications from the brand icon and logo device for the App and social elements, brand tone of voice, the product user experience in app to photographic, film treatments and marketing materials for the launch driving people to the Apple and Google Play stores.


+ I designed and supplied the development teams with the product UI, digital design and corporate design guidelines

enabling the larger organisation to ensure the brand and product was consistent across all touch points.


+ Social integration and branding worked seamlessly across the various digital and social channels. 

+ The branding and corporate guidelines ensure the brand is consistently and successfully implemented throughout the product, organisation and marketing launch. UX & UI assets to be utilised throughout the app and marketing assets.


+ Digital and OOH (out of home)

A film of people dancing via a "Conga line" moves between connected digital displays. Joined screens, simply demonstrating the brand proposition of connecting people in fun & engaging ways via the smartphone app.

+ A range of social
Ads on Facebook "Friendversaries" real estate.

Placing Facebook ads near "Friendversaries" reminding customers of their friends and special moments. The perfect opportunity to place ads targeting various demographics driving them to download the app.
The ads are then A/B tested with images and messaging adjusted based on campaign success. 

AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview
AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview
AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview


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