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Rideguard Mudguard design made with 100% recycled plastic featuring new ‘Deity’ illustration

Im super excited to have launched my ‘Deity’ design with the good folk at Rideguard. We have been collaborating together over the last year on the OceanX project with my own Ecotribo brand. The aim is to help clean our oceans by utilising ghost nets in our products. So far we have cleaned and processed 2 tons of ghost nets with the aim of eventually making mudguards from recycled ocean plastics. COVID has provided some serious challenges with supply chains but we continue to work through things.

in the mean time we have launched this new range of mountain bike mudguards utilising 100% recycled post industrial plastics In its manufacture. Made locally near Bristol these guards will keep you clean of mud and ensure you ride in style.

It’s a simple design with guards for both front and rear of your mountain bike. My design and illustration for one of the products is called ‘Deity’. I was inspired by the mountains and animals of Canada. We are fortunate to be working with pro riders Marky Mathews and Yoann Barelli who lives in Canada to help us launch the range to their massive networks. The 2 riders have own own bespoke designs which we worked with them on.

We are determined to create products and brands that work sustainably with nature and help improve this planet for generations to come. Each design sold we will be donating 10% of profits to the charity Trash free Trails.

My involvement in this project includes but is not limited to product development, material design, illustration, social media, film editing and production. It’s always fun working with Ben at rideguard and look forward to the next exciting development.

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