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Working with the amazing team at Rubber Republic & Chigago Town

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Loads of fun was had, as usual, when working with the people at Rubber Republic! Renown around the world for their great social media 'viral' work. They must be the only production company that has so consistently and brilliantly produced so many viral hits and been so bloody nice to work with. So it was a real honour and pleasure to be asked to be part of their art dept team designing graphics, paintings, sculptures, making electric buzzers etc etc. It was quite different from my usual agency work but I love any creative challenge and happy to fit in wherever you need a creative solutions focussed brain! Part of the crack team of art dept creatives we took over a family home via AirBnB and then turned it into a pizza heaven for pizza lovers. Instagram influencer Johannah James was brought on board with her unique take on proceedings driving people to the Chicago Town competition to win a night in the house. Working within the art dept with these guys is so much fun - but many late nights ensued to ensure the production went smoothly producing some engaging content and happy clients all round. Find out more at Rubber republics site!

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